Connect Grad Show: Summer 2014 Portfolio Show


August 11th 2014, our Humber College Graphic Design for Print & Web and Web Design & Development student’s hosted our very first portfolio show ( Our students presented their final portfolio pieces and portfolio websites during the morning session and hosted a successful networking event during the evening. Various industry guests, alumni, potential students and faculty attended the event. We received a great amount of positive feedback about the event and our graduates work.

Overall, the event was a tremendous success with over 50 guests in attendance. We would like to thank all of our sponsors, DevTO, Cakelings Cupcake Bar and Pizzaiola (Kipling & Lakeshore) for providing us with great prizes and catering throughout the event. Also, we would like to thank all of our Humber College faculty and alumni for their attending and showing our graduates a great deal of support.

Below are a few moments that took place during the event. Once again, congratulations to our Summer 2014 GDPW and WDDM graduates!

IMG_20140811_1245192014 - 1 2014-07-29 2014-08-06 2015 - 2 2015 - 3 crisIMG_20140811_112941 IMG_20140811_112950 IMG_20140811_113006 IMG_20140811_113128 IMG_20140811_113246 IMG_20140811_113723 IMG_20140811_120720 IMG_20140811_121435 IMG_20140811_121443 IMG_20140811_122628  IMG_20140811_131419 IMG_20140811_131440 IMG_20140811_132251 IMG_20140811_162850 IMG_20140811_163434 IMG_20140811_163447 IMG_20140811_165633~2 IMG_20140811_170720~2 IMG_20140811_203506 IMG_20140812_112702 IMG_20140812_112719 IMG_20140812_112723  IMG_20140812_112730IMG_20140812_112727 IMG_20150209_203841IMG_20140811_193550

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