Connect Grad Show: Winter 2015 Portfolio Show


On February 23 2015, our Humber College Graphic Design for Print & Web and Web Design & Development student’s hosted their second portfolio show ( Over 40 students presented their final portfolio pieces and portfolio websites during the day and hosted a successful networking event and open house during the evening. Various industry guests, alumni, potential students and faculty attended the event, including House & Home Media IncLoblaw Companies Limited, BTI, Olsen Canada Inc, Eyecrave IncThe Creative Group (Toronto) and many more. Our graduates received a great deal of compliments about the event and their work.

Overall, the event was a great success with over 60 guests in attendance throughout the day. We would like to thank all of our sponsors, DevTO, Cakelings Cupcake Bar and Pizzaiolo (3180 Lake Shore Blvd West) for providing us with great support, food and catering service throughout the event. Thanks to our Program Coordinators, Thomas Borzecki and Mark-Anthony Karam for designing and developing the website, creating our amazing t-shirts, posters and organizing the entire event. Finally, a special thanks goes to all of our Humber College faculty and alumni for their continued support and sharing the day with our graduates.

Below are a few moments that took place during the event. You can also view some of yesterdays Twitter and Instagram feeds on our social stream or search the hashtag #connectgradshow on Twitter or Instagram.

IMG_20150224_144316~22015-02-24 IMG_20150223_145753 IMG_20150223_145811 IMG_20150223_145820 IMG_20150223_145855 IMG_20150223_145910 IMG_20150223_145949 IMG_20150223_150009 IMG_20150223_150029 IMG_20150223_150045 IMG_20150223_150056 IMG_20150223_150211 IMG_20150223_150219 IMG_20150223_203128 IMG_20150223_234240~3  IMG_20150224_144701_743 IMG_20150224_144734_934 IMG_20150224_145127~2 IMG_20150224_145135~2 IMG_20150224_145141~2 IMG_20150224_145156~2 IMG_20150224_145222~22015-02-20 IMG_20150223_114554 vneck_mockup_model_connect_2015 IMG_20150224_183546

Congratulations to our Fall 2014 GDPW and WDDM graduates!

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