Learn Package Design Using Adobe Illustrator

During weeks 16–20 of our 22 week Graphic Design for Print & Web program at Humber College, our students learn how to create package design prototypes using Adobe Illustrator. In this multi-part project for the Package Design component of the program, students design and create production art for a product of their choice; while developing a physical prototype and final mock-up for their product’s packaging. Students work within a collaborative learning environment, where they are placed within a small team of ‘colleagues’ – a creative team – for the duration of the Package Design course. Each team member provides peer reviews, design critique, and feedback to resolve issues, brainstorm possible design alternatives, and enhance the design and development of their product package. Prior to designing their packaging concept, each student begins their project with developing a design brief, conducting a marketing analysis for their product and consumer, and researches mandatory legal regulations for their products packaging.

As our students complete weekly design milestones, they are asked to consider packaging closure types, package security, and sustainable alternative uses for their package design. By the end of the course, each student learns how to execute a professional package design, which includes print-ready production art, full-scale die-line mechanicals, a 3D rendering of their packaging prototype using Adobe Illustrator and or Adobe Photoshop, and a full-scale printed mockup of their final package design.

Here are a few examples of what our Graphic Design for Print and Web students produce within this 5 week (20 hour) course: