Students Create WordPress Blogs To Showcase Projects and Progress.

During our first week, students in the Graphic Design for Print & Web program create an e-portfolio/blog using WordPress. Students use their blogs to share their insights, reflections and progress about what they learn; over the course of 22 weeks. Students are encouraged to post their assignments (in a case study format) and present their design projects, process, strategies, and overall outcomes of their work with their peers and instructors.

Why Use WordPress?

Students use WordPress to build professional learning networks (PLN) and engage with like-minded peers and external audiences by discussing trends in graphic design and web development. In addition, they can share learning resources, articles, or even write their own tutorials that contribute to their learning community. Students are free to share their posts/articles using social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook to gain a wider audience and feedback from their social networks.

Here are a few examples of recent blogs created by our past graduates.

Marek Szkudlarek:

Elaine Lee:

Bailey Allard:

Yasmine Budirahaju:

Altino Demelo:

Tori Chippindale:

Gordon Blagojevic:

Marlene Rego:

Sarah Bristow:

Megan Keogh: